Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing with Fire

Today, I was not paying attention while helping mom in the kitchen and ended up touching the hot stove. Boy did I learn a lesson. Good thing was that it was already turned off and it had only been on low setting. It hurt so bad. I was crying and screaming for quite a while. Mom first checked my hand, but there were no blisters. She put my hand under cold water and then she got Quark (dairy product, very good cooling abilities) out of the fridge and stuck my hand in it. We left it on the hand and wrapped a towel around it. After a while we went to watch Curious George in the living room, that I would get my mind off of it and stop crying. Mom had me sit on the floor cause we already had Quark close to everywhere. She gave me a pillow and left for a minute. She came back and I was asleep. These things are so exhausting. At least now mom had a good opportunity to clean off my hand and put soothing gel on it.

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