Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Visiting Tante Traudel

This is me on Monday morning. We left pretty early so I had my breakfast in the car. First I was scared as dad put me in the car right after changing me. I thought "am I not having breakfast this morning?" and so I started crying a bit. But then I was surprised because mom had even brought some grapes for me and as you all should know, I love grapes.
Tante Traudel (Tante means AUNT in German) lives in a really pretty city. They had horsecarts, a water fountain, bells that play a nice song at noon and so on. We even climbed up a church tower and looked over the city.
Tante Traudel is 81 now. My mom met her for the first time when she was about two years old. So, just about the age that I am now. My mom was on vacation with her family and Tante Traudel happened to be their neighbor. They ended up becoming friends and seeing each other many times after that. Sometimes, when mom was a little older, she would take the train and come see Tante Traudel for a couple of days.
Needless to say. I was discovering her garden. The neighbor boy showed me the first soccer moves. I think I like that game. However, I am still playing it with my hands because I would probably fall down if I tried to kick with my foot. Anyways, it was a fun trip.
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