Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday at the City - part 1

Saturday we got up early to go to the city. We went to the next train station and took the nine o'clock train. I hadn't been up much yet, so I was full of energy.

Mommy could barely hold me on her lap. The book she brought was good for nothing. So she took me by the hand and we walked through the train, looked at all the people.

Finally when we got to the city they had a fountain outside the train station where the kids gathered to play. They day started out hot and so it felt great to get my feel a little wet.

These are my friends that I came with. Grandma and Grandpa, Britta and Thomas. Well, Thomas lives in the city though and so he met us there. And of course my parents. You see us as the red line on the pavement started with a one. The line will take you all through the city and show you the highlights.
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