Friday, June 6, 2008

Trip to the Castle Parks

Yesterday we went on a trip to a near by castle. A lady had thought it a great idea to go ahead and revive the old garden parks. She planted hundreds over thousands of bushes. Many of them were roses. In the first picture you see me going through a whole tunnel made out of rose bushes. It was amazing.

Also we saw a chicken house on wheels. It has automaded feeding, drinks, you can pull the eggs out a drawer on the side of the house, exchagable tops (one for summer, one for winter), electric fencing and an automated door that opens and closes according to sunlight. According to the owners you could leave your five chickens all by themselves for the whole weekend.

Next we saw some cute animals like this donkey. But they also had a Llama, a pony and so on.

These are Wolfgang and Britta, whom my family lives with. They are showing me some lambs here. At home I only have chickens and a dog, but in the afternoons I go and feed the chickens all by myself. I like Wolfgang and Britta a lot. Sometimes they take me with them when they go places.
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