Monday, May 5, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa got Married!

Last Saturday we were invited to Opa Reinhard's birthday party. We all arrived, had some great food... . All the sudden Oma Ulla gets up to make a toast. Well, the toast turned into an announcement. Her and Opa Reinhard had gone to the courthouse that morning and gotten married. No one knew. Not even my parents knew.

This is how the day went. I got to the party. First I faked to be all shy and that. I would just stay with dad or mom and not look at anybody. Than I started to get going. I walked around a little but fell and hurt myself too. Grandma was there to hold me of course.

When we were eating I had my own high chair and mom was so nice as to share her food with me. When we got bored we went outside for a walk. Usually at home I follow the dog around when I am outside. Since the dog wasn't there mom kept running circles and I followed her. She did pretty well.

After we were done with lunch we went back to Oma Ulla's house. They had balloons there and I got two red heart balloons tied to my pants. That was really cool. And they had so much good food all day. They even had grapes and strawberries. I was in heaven. And so many people to play with and goof around with. It was wonderful.
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