Monday, December 31, 2007

Lunch at Grandma's

Mommy got me all prettied up to go to Grandma's. I got my good jeans on and my striped shirt. Then I was put into my bed for a little while to entertain myself. I bet mommy didn't expect me to entertain myself like this. When she came back to check on me for the first time, I had managed to get rid of my jeans. You got to love comfort. By the second time she came, I had already skipped forward to my afternoon nap. I am such an independent child, very proud of myself.
Needless to say, mommy got me back up, my pants put back on and we were at Grandma's just in time to hang out with Reinhard, who has been very persistant in keeping me out of trouble here lately. I'll have to work on my strategies and skills.

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