Monday, July 2, 2007

JG hiding from Mosquitoes

The other night a gang of mosquitoes must have gotten together to go after me. There was not one bite before that night. All the sudden, I woke up with five bites on my face and head. Next night, no bites again. Weird. Poor little me. Now I'm hiding under a pile of pillows that the mosquitoes won't find me again.
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Anonymous said...

When I am a little older I will take advantage and have a BIG pillow fight!

Love Grampa

Grampa said...

Some day when I am older I will take advantage of the situation and have a BIG pillow fight.

Love Grampa

Aftab said...

hey wassup!
How are you. A pillow fight?
Even now i do it sometimes but not much.

Anonymous said...

i must say your blog is very intresting.