Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My First Hike

Here are some pictures from my first Hike. It was great. Mommy is feeling better and doesn't mind carrying me and I am doing really well holding my head up too.

Therefore, I get to look out when I'm in the Sling and now I like the sling. Earlier, I didn't like it that much, because I was so tied up in it and I couldn't see what was going on.

We went hiking on Monday and Valentine loved running around again. Valentine is my dog, or maybe I should say my pony. He is really nice to me. He is careful, but takes care of me. He'll watch very closely if someone is holding me, that he doesn't know that well. He loves children and I think he didn't mind getting less attention when mommy and daddy brought me home, because he was excited to have a child at home. Sometimes when I whine a little, he even goes to mom and tells her about that. But then othertimes he barks when I'm taking my nap and I don't like that too much.
Anyhow, we had a great hike up the hill. Daddy is doing good too because he has been working out lately, so he was in good shape. Both, mom and dad are working hard on eating healthy and that is awesome. So I can play with them and have them chase me when I start to get moving more.

And as we got to the end of our hike I fell asleep in my sling. But we had a great time. The sun was shinning but it was a little cool and windy. For my first hike it went really well.
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