Monday, April 2, 2007

My Adventures on Sunday!

Today, I was on the run again. See me all buckled up and ready to go in my seat?

I met my friends Chris and Sarah at church this morning. Sarah really loves me and carries me around the whole church.

This is my friend Jenna. Jenna is always sweet. I had a great nap in her arms.

At night I went over to Uncle Joe and Aunt Bekah. They invited me and my parents to live at their house for a while before we go on our journey to Germany. I am so excited that I'll be seeing them every day. Uncle Joe is very happy to see me too, as you can see by his big smile. Hopefully, I will be able to smile that big one day...

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jlchap33 said...

Drink your milk and get your slept and you can be just like your uncle Joe!!!!!