Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Check In - Being Responsive

Hey this is JG again. I thought it was just about time again to keep you updated. The last four weeks have gone by very fast. I have been practicing holding up my head more, as you can see in the pictures. I have not yet rolled over, but everyone is waiting for it. Otherwise, I love kicking my legs and throwing my arms around. And I smile a lot, sometimes I even giggle a little.

This is my usual routine for the day. I get up with mom whenever we feel ready for the day. Usually, that is sometime between 7:30am and 10:00am. During the mornings mom loves to work on stuff so I take another nap or hang out by myself a lot. In the early afternoon I usually take a good nap as well. Then daddy comes home and we all have a great time together. I am up till we go to bed at night. My bedtime is 10:00pm. I don't like my sleeping bag anymore. So mom has to come to bed with me, then I can cuddle with her. I am like daddy and fall asleep really fast, faster than mom does. Most nights I even sleep until we get up in the morning, or I might wake up cause I'm hungry, but that's it. Then I get up in the mornings again with a big smile on my face.

If I had to think about my greatest achievement this month, I would say it is being more responsive. When people talk to me I focus on them and smile. Sometimes, I watch my dog Valentine. And when I'm hungry I stare at mom from across the room. My other achievement is sucking my thumb. I'm getting really good in that. I still have to find my favorite finger to suck on, so I still switch it up a lot. Every once in a while, I even grab some of my blanket and try that.

Well, this is it for my Check In. Soon we will be moving to Germany. But don't worry, I'll keep you posted. Yours, JG.
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